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HANOI – (August 24, 2006) Improving aviation safety in Vietnam consistent with international standards is the focus of a USTDA grant that was awarded today to the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV).  The grant is part of a $1.4 million two-year safety effort to help Vietnam and the CAAV obtain Category I status under the Federal Aviation Administration’s International Aviation Safety Assessment Program (IASA), which will enable Vietnam’s aviation market to expand both domestically and internationally.      


“In today’s global economy, aviation infrastructure is essential to countries’ economic development,” said USTDA Director Thelma J. Askey on today’s grant award.  “This grant is designed to establish the aviation safety infrastructure that is necessary to support an expanded relationship with Vietnam as a result of its expected membership in the World Trade Organization.”  


The $351,372 technical assistance grant was conferred during a signing ceremony held at the offices of CAAV.  U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Marine and Deputy General Director Dinh Xuan Huong signed the grant agreement on behalf of the U.S. government and CAAV, respectively.


The IASA program focuses on a country’s ability to adhere to international standards established by the United Nations technical agency for aviation, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  The USTDA grant will partially fund technical assistance to help the CAAV make improvements to Vietnam’s air safety regulatory system consistent with ICAO standards and obtain Category I status under the IASA program.  Achieving Category I status will permit direct access by Vietnamese air carriers to the United States and will facilitate greater investment by U.S. airlines and other aviation organizations in Vietnam’s growing air services market.

The technical assistance will be carried out by Robinson Aviation Inc. based in Falls Church, Virginia.  In addition to the USTDA grant, Robinson Aviation will provide resources toward the completion of the technical assistance program.

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency advances economic development and U.S. commercial interests in developing and middle-income countries.  The agency funds various forms of technical assistance, early investment analysis, training, orientation visits and business workshops that support the development of a modern infrastructure and a fair and open trading environment.  USTDA’s strategic use of foreign assistance funds to support sound investment policy and decision-making in host countries creates an enabling environment for trade, investment and sustainable economic development.  In carrying out its mission, USTDA gives emphasis to economic sectors that may benefit from U.S. exports of goods and services.