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Fact Sheet on New USTDA Program Activities in Brazil

July 18-20, 2006


State of São Paulo Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Training:  USTDA is entering into a public-private partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo (AmCham São Paulo) to support a training seminar on IPR protection for the state’s IPR enforcement officers.  The training seminar will help the State Secretariat of Public Safety’s Organized Crime Investigation Department strengthen its capacity to enforce IPR protections in the State of São Paulo. USTDA has approved $173,000 to be used to organize and carry out the training program.  USTDA Director Askey met with members of the Board of Directors of AmCham São Paulo to announce the public-private partnership in support of the program.


State of Rio de Janeiro Emergency Operations Center:  A $704,970 USTDA grant to the Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat for Civil Defense (SEDC) is supporting technical assistance on the establishment of an emergency operations center (EOC).  SEDC is responsible for disaster prevention, emergency preparedness and response, and reconstruction programs in the State of Rio de Janeiro.  SEDC needs to establish an EOC to provide the necessary critical infrastructure to plan for and respond to natural and manmade disasters and major events.  USTDA Director Askey and Secretary of Civil Defense and Military Fire Brigade Commander Carlos Alberto de Carvalho signed the grant agreement on behalf of USTDA and SEDC, respectively.  


Intelligent Port Logistics and Supply Chain:  USTDA is supporting the Ministry of Transportation in Brazil in its efforts to expand the nation’s trade capacity by adopting technologies that improve the physical flow of cargo transported through Brazilian ports.  The $523,500 USTDA grant will support technical assistance to the Ministry in defining and evaluating the processes and technologies that will allow Brazil to achieve its port logistics efficiency goals.  USTDA Director Askey and His Excellency Paulo Sergio Passos, Minister of Transportation, signed the grant agreement on behalf of U.S. and Brazilian governments, respectively.   


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Banco de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES):  An MOU was signed between USTDA and BNDES on July 18, 2006 signifying the commitment of the two agencies to cooperate in supporting priority development projects in Brazil.  BNDES, Brazil’s National Development Bank, plays a significant role in financing infrastructure and industrial projects in Brazil.  The MOU is expected to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of both agencies in carrying out their developmental programs in Brazil.  USTDA Director Askey signed the MOU on behalf of the U.S. government.  BNDES President Demian Fiocca signed the MOU for BNDES.


Braskem Occupational Health and Hygiene Program:  USTDA has awarded a $423,415 grant to Braskem, S.A., a private Brazilian petrochemical company, for technical assistance in establishing an occupational health and hygiene program.  Braskem’s objective is to become a world class petrochemical company by 2010.  In pursuing this goal, the company is giving special emphasis to the health, safety and environment of its employees, as well as the community at large.  Already, the company has made significant investments to upgrade its petrochemical facilities and is committed to making additional upgrades to ensure the safety of the workplace and neighboring communities.  USTDA Director Thelma J. Askey signed the grant agreement on behalf of the U.S. government.  Attorneys Alexandre Perazzo and Roberto Menezes Chamodoira signed the grant agreement on behalf of Braskem.


COPASA Water Re-Use Project:  USTDA is providing $164,920 to Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais (COPASA), the State of Minas Gerais water and sanitation company, for early investment analysis on a proposed water re-use project at the Arrudas Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP).  The project will involve adding tertiary treatment capacity to the Arrudas WTP to produce an effluent that meets water quality requirements for urban residential, commercial and industrial water needs.  The water re-use project is consistent with COPASA’s water conservation and business strategies and will have a favorable impact on the environment by helping conserve freshwater resources.  The grant agreement was signed by USTDA Policy and Program Director Geoffrey Jackson and COPASA President Márcio Augusto Vasconcelos Nunes.