Through the GPI, USTDA will work with its overseas partners to develop customized activities that are based on the unique needs of each country. These activities will target the key decision-makers responsible for procurement in high technology sectors at both the policy and practitioner levels, including national and sub-national government officials, representatives of procurement agencies, and state-owned enterprises. The types of assistance available include:


Global Procurement Initiative Orientation Visit for Vietnam

Dates: February 28 - March 14, 2015

Locations: Washington, DC; Albany and New York City, NY; Sacramento and San Francisco, CA

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) will conduct the second phase of the Procurement Assistance Program for Vietnam by hosting senior Vietnamese government officials to the United States for an orientation visit on value-based procurement. The visit will allow delegates to examine case studies of value and quality-based procurement at the U.S. federal, state, and local levels. The training and site visits will provide delegates the opportunity to learn about the use of value-based procurement criteria and weigh alternative factors, such as long-term value, evolving technologies, customer service, and design aesthetics.¬† This activity will build on the first phase of Vietnam’s Procurement Assistance Program under the GPI, which took place in August 2014, during which national and provincial procurement officials received in-country training in value-based procurement, led by USTDA's GPI partner, the George Washington University Law School's Government Procurement Law Program, alongside technical specialists in life-cycle cost analysis.

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