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U.S.-China Electrostatic Discharge Protection and Standardization Workshop

Dates: November 4-5, 2013

Location: Suzhou, China

The U.S.-China Electrostatic Discharge Standards and Protection Workshop, which will take place under the USTDA-funded U.S.-China Standards and Conformity Assessment Cooperation Program, will provide a forum through which U.S. and Chinese industry experts and government representatives can cooperate on the development of electrostatic discharge standards and certification development. The workshop will take place at a crucial time, as China is currently working to develop its own standards and certification in this area. This development will directly impact the U.S. electronics industry since a significant amount of electronics assembly for this industry is done in China. Through presentations on such topics as grounding, technological advances, and events in the factory and field, U.S. and Chinese experts will exchange information and explore areas for potential cooperation and harmonization.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is organizing the workshop on behalf of USTDA and in cooperation with the Electrostatic Discharge Association. Please visit ANSI's website for more information.