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U.S.-China Shale Gas Training Program Workshop #2: Environment, Health, and Safety

Dates: July 24-25, 2013

Locations: Beijing, China

USTDA is funding the U.S.-China Shale Gas Training Program to introduce Chinese energy sector officials and project sponsors to U.S. shale gas best practices, policies and technologies.  USTDA is partnering with China's National Energy Administration (NEA) to conduct the Program along with the U.S. Departments of Energy, State, and Commerce. The Program includes a series of four workshops in China over a 20 month period.

The Environment, Health, and Safety Workshop will examine the environmental, health, and safety issues of developing shale gas resources including the impacts of activities on air, land, and water resources. This workshop is designed to introduce the U.S. suppliers of equipment and services for improving environmental performance and/or monitoring and reducing environmental impacts of shale gas development to Chinese policy makers and buyers. Issues to be examined include:

The two day agenda will include presentation of U.S. regulations, case studies and technical innovations as well as best practices for media coverage, societal response, research and technology development, sustainable operating practices, and education outreach efforts.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop or for more information, contact Trevor Smith at the Gas Technology Institute at or (847) 768-0795.