Press Releases 2007
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December 2007
12.11.07 USTDA Announces New Initiatives During the 18th U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade
12.10.07 USTDA Awards Aviation Training Grant at U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Meeting

November 2007
11.27.07 USTDA Mission Will Explore Mining Sector Opportunities in Nigeria

October 2007
10.30.07 Central and Eastern European Officials Discuss Emergency Management and Response Solutions at USTDA Conference
10.22.07 Acting Director Zak to Join Vietnam Trade Mission
10.18.07 USTDA Inaugural Grant in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Promotes Power Sector Development
10.02.07 USTDA Furthers the Emergence of Independent Power Producers in Namibia
10.01.07 USTDA Website Redesign Streamlines Delivery of Important Information About USTDA Programs
10.01.07 Acting Director Zak Announces Regional Realignment

September 2007
09.28.07 USTDA Promotes Development of Land-Based Ocean Industries in Mauritius
09.27.07 USTDA Promotes Restructuring of Malawi's Civil Aviation Sector
09.27.07 USTDA Grants Support Clean Coal Technology in Uruguay
09.26.07 USTDA Grant Promotes Development of Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure in Morocco
09.24.07 USTDA Promotes the Development of an Intelligent Transportation System in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
09.24.07 USTDA Grants Advance Development Priorities in Romania
09.24.07 USTDA Supports Air Cargo Hub in Ukraine
09.20.07 USTDA Grant Supports the Development of Geothermal Energy in Colombia
09.20.07 USTDA Supports Power Transmission Study in Kyrgyzstan
09.19.07 USTDA Supports the Establishment of a National Rural Electrification Program in Yemen
09.12.07 USTDA Grant Supports Integrated Coal Mining and Power Generation Project in Pakistan
09.12.07 USTDA Awards Grant to Increase Oil Spill Response Capacity in the Philippines
09.11.07 USTDA Grants Support Increased Used of Alternative Energy Resources in Indonesia
09.10.07 USTDA Promotes Improved Wastewater and Solid Waste Treatment in Jordan
09.05.07 USTDA Promotes Electric Power Generation in Costa Rica

August 2007
08.28.07 USTDA Workshop Accelerates Natural Gas Utilization to Fuel Growth in APEC Region
08.27.07 USTDA Grants Promote Renewable Energy in Pakistan
08.24.07 USTDA Promotes Competitiveness in Nicaragua's Port Sector
08.24.07 USTDA Supports Enhanced Immigration Processing System in Indonesia
08.22.07 USTDA Grant Promotes Increased Port Efficiency in South and Southeast Asia
08.22.07 USTDA Grant Promotes Integrated Water Quality Monitoring System in China's Yangtze River
08.16.07 USTDA Awards $1.7 Million Grant for Study of Trans-Caspian Oil and Gas Pipelines
08.10.07 USTDA Awards Grant to Develop a Communication Infrastructure Backbone Network in Rwanda
08.08.07 USTDA Supports Customs Modernization in Guatemala
08.03.07 USTDA Grant Promotes Rurual Electricity Distribution and Hydropower Generation in Angola
08.03.07 USTDA Grant Supports State Capital Investment Corporation of Vietnam

July 2007
07.24.07 USTDA Supports the Upgrade and Expansion of Morocco's Weather Radar Network
07.18.07 USTDA Forges Partnerships at AGOA Forum to Diversify Agricultural Exports from Burkina Faso
07.09.07 U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program Eexpanded Ensuring Continued Strong Relationship in the Growth of China's Aviation Market

June 2007
06.28.07 USTDA Supports Integrated Solid Waste Management in Lima
06.22.07 USTDA Formally Launches U.S.-India Aviation Cooperation Program to Support India's Civil Aviation Priorities
06.21.07 USTDA Supports Expansion of Commercial Aviation Business in Mongolia
06.20.07 USTDA Fosters the Emergence of The Republic of Georgia's Tourism Sector
06.05.07 USTDA Grant Supports Design of Unified Multipurpose Identification System in the Philippines
06.01.07 USTDA Grant Supports Meteorological and Hydrological Monitoring Improvements in Croatia

May 2007
05.29.07 USTDA Grant Supports Increased Regional Trade in South East Europe
05.24.07 USTDA-Funded White Paper Fosters Central American Energy Integration and Regional Competitiveness
05.22.07 USTDA Promotes Partnerships in the Development of South Africa's Water Infrastructure
05.22.07 USTDA Supports COMESA Regional Airspace Management Project
05.09.07 USTDA Grant Protects Groundwater Resources in Morocco
05.07.07 USTDA Grant Promotes Maritime Security in Panama (Spanish Version)
05.07.07 Acting Director Zak Joins U.S. Delegation to Panama

April 2007
04.30.07 Leocadia I. Zak Assumes Duties as Acting USTDA Diretor
04.24.07 Director Thelma J. Askey to Retire from U.S. Government Service
04.23.07 U.S.-India Aviation Partnership Summit Opens
04.13.07 USTDA Welcomes Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli
04.04.07 USTDA Forum Promotes the Information and Communications Technology Sector in Central and South Asia
04.04.07 USTDA Sponsors U.S.-India Aviation Partnership Summit

March 2007
03.23.07 USTDA Sponsors Policy and Regulatory Forum on the Development of the Information and Communications Technology Sector in Central and South Asia
03.20.07 USTDA Announces Mongolian Standards Development Reverse Trade Mission
03.19.07 Rwandan President Paul Kagame Opens USTDA Conference on Information and Communications Infrastructure in Africa
03.15.07 USTDA Grants Promote Optimal Use of Water Resources in Jordan
03.15.07 USTDA Supports Emergency Response System Modernization in the Dominican Republic
03.14.07 USTDA Grant Supports the Development of Oil and Gas Regulations in Sri Lanka
03.13.07 USTDA Grant Promotes Railway Safety in Egypt (Arabic Version)
03.06.07 USTDA Supports U.S. Investment in Power Project Development in Vietnam

February 2007
02.15.07 USTDA Supports Development of the Power Sector in Liberia During President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's Visit
02.15.07 USTDA Supports Ethanol and Power Production in Tanzania
02.07.07 USTDA Awards Grant to the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan for Second Phase of Institutional Capacity Building

January 2007
01.18.07 USTDA Grant Enhances Ukraine's Energy Efficiency
01.11.07 USTDA Honors Vietnam as 2006 Country of the Year