Press Releases 2008
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December 2008
12.29.08 USTDA 2008 Annual Report Now Available
12.10.08 Brazil Receives USTDA Country of the Year Award
12.04.08 USTDA Promotes Energy Efficiency and Water Quality at Strategic Economic Dialogue Meetings in China

November 2008
11.20.08 USTDA Sponsors DR-CAFTA Telecommunications Regulatory Workshop
11.19.08 USTDA Grant Supports Rail Upgrade in Tanzania

October 2008
10.20.08 USTDA Grant Promotes the Development of Energy Infrastructure in Nigeria
10.15.08 U.S.-India Aviation Cooperation Program Featured at India Aviation 2008

September 2008
09.30.08 USTDA Grant Supports Refinery Modernization Project in India
09.29.08 USTDA Grant Supports India's Oil and Gas Regulatory Body
09.25.08 USTDA Grant Promotes Energy Infrastructure Development in Mali
09.24.08 USTDA Grant Supports National Smart Card for Jordan
09.23.08 USTDA Continues Its Commitment to the Modernization of Latvia's Air Traffic Management System
09.22.08 USTDA Grant Promotes Aviation Safety in Chile
09.19.08 USTDA Grants Further E-Government and Aviation Priorities in the State of Minas Gerais
09.19.08 USTDA Grant Promotes U.S.-India Standards Cooperation
09.18.08 USTDA Supports Broadband Project in Brazil's Acre Region
09.18.08 USTDA Grant Promotes Food Security in Western Africa
09.17.08 USTDA Awards Grant for Investment Promotion in Morocco's Oil and Gas Sector
09.16.08 USTDA Grant Promotes ICT Network Expansion in Rural China
09.16.08 USTDA Grant Supports the Development of an Internet Data Center in the West Bank | Arabic Version
09.16.08 USTDA Director Larry Walther Signs Grant Promoting Romania's Energy Security
09.15.08 Director Walther Signs Grant Supporting Development of Lithuania Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal
09.12.08 USTDA Awards Grants to Further Energy and Aviation Priorities in Chile
09.12.08 USTDA Grant to Support Rural Philippine Electric Cooperatives
09.12.08 USTDA Grant Promotes Energy Security in India
09.11.08 USTDA Director Walther to Award Grants to Promote Energy Security in Lithuania and Romania

August 2008
08.29.08 USTDA Director Walther Awards Grants in the Cold Chain and Water Sectors in Morocco
08.29.08 USTDA Grant Supports Refinery Safety and Efficiency in India
08.29.08 USTDA Grant Supports Environmental Remediation Guidelines at Power Plants in Mexico
08.28.08 USTDA Promotes the Development of the Energy Sector in Tanzania During President Kikwete's Official Visit
08.28.08 USTDA Awards Grant for Biofuels Regulation in Uganda
08.27.08 USTDA Reaffirms Its Commitment to Georgia's Development
08.27.08 USTDA Supports Priority Aviation Maintenance and Renewable Energy Projects in Egypt
08.25.08 USTDA Director Walther Travels to Georgia
08.25.08 USTDA Grant Supports Coal Mining and Power Plant Project in Tajikistan

July 2008
07.29.08 USTDA Grant Supports the Development of a Regional Air Cargo and Aircraft Maintenance Hub in Trinidad and Tobago
07.25.08 USTDA Grants Support Clean Water Initiatives in the Philippines
07.22.08 USTDA Furthers Its Commitment to the Development of Vietnam's Aviation Sector
07.11.08 USTDA Awards Grant to Develop State-of-the-Art Hospital in Tbilisi
07.09.08 Ghanaian Vice President Mahama Opens USTDA Conference on Information and Communications Infrastructure in West Africa

June 2008
06.25.08 USTDA Reaffirms Commitment to Bilateral Cooperation in the Development of China's Aviation Sector
06.25.08 USTDA Awards $1.2 Million to Promote Environmental Technologies at Power Plants in China
06.24.08 USTDA Reaffirms Commitment to Vietnam's Economic Development During Official Visit of Vietnamese Prime Minister Dung

May 2008
05.22.08 USTDA Supports Wireless Connectivity in the West Bank
05.20.08 USTDA Director Walther Appointed to Presidential Delegation Attending Palestine Investment Conference
05.16.08 USTDA Awards Grants Totaling Over $1.3 Million to Promote the Development of the Power Sector in Cameroon
05.08.08 USTDA Grant Promotes the Development of the Petrochemical Industry in Egypt
05.05.08 USTDA Awards Grants to Support Air Jamaica Privatization

April 2008
04.30.08 USTDA Awards Grants Totaling $1.1 Million to Complement MCC Infrastructure Investments in El Salvador
04.28.08 USTDA Awards Grant to Complement MCC Infrastructure Investments in El Salvador
04.14.08 USTDA Director Walther Unveils African Trade Lanes Partnership Initiative
04.09.08 Statement by USTDA Director Walther on the Importance of U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement
04.04.08 USTDA Grant Supports Refinery Safety and Efficiency in India

March 2008
03.17.08 Larry W. Walther Sworn in as USTDA Director
03.07.08 USTDA Initiative Promotes U.S.-China Cooperation Towards Effective Anti-Monopoly Law Implementation
03.05.08 Colombian President Uribe Accepts USTDA Country of the Year Award | En Espaņol
03.04.08 USTDA Grant Promotes Rail Infrastructure Development in Mongolia

February 2008
02.29.08 USTDA Funds Oil and Gas Training in Turkmenistan
02.27.08 Acting Director Zak and Mexican Secretary Tellez Open USTDA Conference on Building Partnerships in Infrastructure | En Espaņol
02.25.08 USTDA Grant Assists Azerbaijan in Establishing and Individual Pension Account System
02.13.08 USTDA Awards Grant to Improve Early Warning and Disaster Response Capabilities in the Philippines
02.07.08 USTDA Reopens its Program in Thailand
02.07.08 USTDA Supports Innovative Private Mining Project for Power Generation in India

January 2008
01.30.08 USTDA Funds Study of Integrated Emergency Management System in Gdansk, Poland
01.24.08 USTDA Awards Grant for CNS/ATM Transition in India
01.22.08 USTDA Grant Supports Next Generation Emergency Management in Romania
01.02.08 USTDA Releases 2007 Annual Report Naming Colombia as Country of the Year