Press Releases 2009
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December 2009
12.7.09 Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Babacan Receives USTDA Country of the Year Award

November 2009
11.17.09 USTDA Expands Commitment to Support Clean Energy Development in China
11.16.09 President Obama Announces the Nomination of Leocadia I. Zak as Director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency
11.10.09 USTDA Assists Morocco Achieve Its Goals for Aviation Infrastructure Development

October 2009
10.29.09 USTDA Participates in Successful U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade
10.27.09 USTDA Promotes Aviation Safety and Security in Africa
10.1.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Further Develop the Institutional Capacity to Manage Azerbaijan's Oil Revenues

September 2009
9.28.09 USTDA Promotes the Application of U.S. Clean Energy Solutions in Jordan, India and Georgia
9.28.09 USTDA Awards Grant for Rural Electrification Program
9.25.09 USTDA Supports Expanded Meteorological Services in Uganda
9.24.09 USTDA Explores Cooperation with Kyrgyz Republic
9.24.09 USTDA Promotes National Fiber Optic Ring in Georgia
9.23.09 USTDA Grant Supports the Modernization of the National Airport System in Guatemala
9.18.09 Eight-City "Exports Live!" Seminar Series Brings Together Small Businesses Thriving During Tough Economy
9.18.09 USTDA Promotes Emergency Medical Services Training in China
9.17.09 USTDA Provides Technical Assistance to Brazil for Wastewater Discharge Technologies
9.16.09 USTDA to Present Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa Aviation Sector
9.16.09 USTDA Awards Grant for Air Cargo Facility at Tocumen International Airport in Panama
9.15.09 USTDA Supports Modernization of Aviation Transport Services in the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil
9.15.09 USTDA Grant Promotes Aviation Safety in Ghana
9.11.09 USTDA Supports Healthcare in Bulgaria
9.8.09 USTDA Promotes the Application of U.S. Clean Energy and Information Technology Solutions in China
9.1.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Develop Method for Sludge Treatment and Disposal in Vietnam

August 2009
8.28.09 USTDA Supports Clean Energy Technology in Turkey
8.28.09 USTDA Establishes Partnership to Support the Development of Mongolia's Cement Production Infrastructure
8.28.09 USTDA Supports Design of Sichuan Regional Health Network
8.28.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Further the Safe Expansion of Helicopter Operations in India
8.17.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Advance Flood Forecasting and Early Warning Detection System in Vietnam
8.13.09 USTDA Grant Supports Aviation Development in Namibia
8.13.09 USTDA Supports Clean Waste Management in Azerbaijan
8.12.09 USTDA Awards Grants to Indonesia Encouraging Clean Energy and Improved Water Supply
8.9.09 USTDA Awards Grants in the Energy and Transportation Sectors in Jordan
8.5.09 USTDA Promotes Africa's Development at AGOA Forum

July 2009
No releases.

June 2009
6.29.09 USTDA Grant Furthers Efforts to Build a Waste to Energy Plant in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
6.24.09 Acting Director Zak Testifies on the Importance of African Development and Trade
6.23.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Strengthen Aviation Regulation in Indonesia
6.17.09 USTDA Grants Promotes Railway Modernization and the Development of the Petrochemical Industry in Egypt
6.12.09 USTDA Supports India's Civil Aviation Expansion and Modernization and Announces U.S.-India Aviation Summit
6.8.09 USTDA Grant Supports Port Safety and Security in Morocco

May 2009
5.15.09 USTDA Grant Promotes "Smart Grid" Technology in Mauritius
5.7.09 USTDA Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Establish Pakistan-Afghanistan Infrastructure and Trade Initiative
5.6.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Promote Aviation Safety in Azerbaijan
5.5.09 USTDA Grant for Cold Chain Infrastructure Complements MCC Compact in Morocco

April 2009
4.29.09 USTDA Awards Feasibility Study Grant to Expand Meteorological Services in Ghana
4.14.09 USTDA Promotes Partnerships with China in Search and Rescue Capabilities and Agriculture Biotechnology
4.8.09 USTDA Launches Environmental Partnership at China-U.S. Aviation Symposium
4.4.09 USTDA Establishes Clean Energy Partnership with Turkey to Address Climate Change

March 2009
3.25.09 USTDA Awards Three Grants to Modernize Colombia's Port Infrastructure
3.13.09 USTDA Grant Furthers Efforts to Expand Mobile Communications Capacity in Chile
3.2.09 USTDA Launches U.S.-India Standards and Conformance Cooperation Program

February 2009
2.26.09 USTDA Grant Supports the Development of a New Airport in Northwest Mexico
2.11.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Promote Aviation Safety in Ghana
2.6.09 USTDA Awards Grant to Update the Master Plan for Tancredo Neves International Airport in Minas Gerais, Brazil
2.5.09 USTDA Grant Supports Bulgarian Technology Development

January 2009
1.29.09 USTDA Grant Supports Romanian Water Infrastructure
1.27.09 USTDA Project Supports Manufacturing Jobs in Illinois
1.21.09 Leocadia I. Zak Assumes Duties as Acting USTDA Director
1.16.09 USTDA Director Larry W. Walther Announces His Departure