Press Releases 2010
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December 2010
12.20.10 USTDA Supporting Smart Grid Development in India
12.15.10 USTDA Supports Expanded U.S. Exports to China
12.15.10 USTDA Supports Palestinian Public Sector Information and Communications Technology Modernization

November 2010
11.9.10 USTDA Launches Cold Chain Infrastructure Program to Enhance India's Food Security
11.9.10 Clean Energy and Environment Program Fosters Greater U.S. Engagement in Indonesia
11.8.10 USTDA Expands Commitment to Support Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Development in India

October 2010
10.18.10 Registration now open for USTDA's Indefinite-Quantity Contract (IQC): Reverse Trade Missions, Conferences, Workshops, Training and Outreach Activities - Pre-Proposal Briefing

September 2010
9.27.10 Margaret "Peggy" Philbin Sworn-In as Deputy Director
9.15.10 Election Management System Will Improve Electoral Efficiency and Reliability in Romania
9.14.10 U.S. Grant to Durban Promotes Energy Efficiency in South Africa
9.10.10 New Signaling Systems to Improve Safety and Efficiency on Kazakhstan Railways
9.7.10 Retrofitting Buses in China Will Help to Reduce Air Pollution
9.3.10 USTDA Supports Flood Forecasting and Early Warning Systems in Turkey
9.1.10 Improved ICT Infrastructure Strengthens National Digital Government Network in Costa Rica

August 2010
8.31.10 USTDA Supports Aviation Development in Haiti
8.31.10 New Tracking System to Improve Security and Efficiency at Brazilian Ports
8.26.10 USTDA Supports Aviation Development in Paraguay
8.25.10 USTDA Funds Expansion for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facility in Pakistan
8.24.10 USTDA Support For Waste Management Generates Renewable Energy in Turkey
8.16.10 Improved Health Care Supply Chain Lowers Medical Costs, Increases Efficiency in Egypt
8.2.10 New USTDA Clean Energy Initiative for Africa Will Boost U.S. Exports

July 2010
7.28.10 Hydroelectric Project to Deliver New Renewable Power to Mindanao
7.19.10 Director Zak Participates in United States - Pakistan Strategic Dialogue
7.13.10 USTDA Support for Children's Hospital in Nigeria Will Improve the Quality of Healthcare
7.1.10 USTDA Director Joins Presidential Delegation to Expo 2010 Shanghai in China

June 2010
6.21.10 USTDA Helps to Restore Electricity By Catalyzing Green Development in Namibia
6.15.10 New, Efficient Water Maintenance and Operations Will Positively Impact Romania's Environment
6.11.10 Investment Incentives Drive Renewable Energy Resource Development in Nigeria
6.7.10 USTDA Grants Promote Renewable Energy in Nigeria
6.2.10 U.S. Offers Improved Water Resources to Protect Vulnerable Flood Basin in Morocco

May 2010
5.27.10 The U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue Recognizes Clean Energy as a Means to Sustainable Recovery
5.26.10 New Solar Power Technologies Will Help Meet Growing Energy Demand in the Middle East and North Africa
5.25.10 U.S. Companies Demonstrate Commitment to Clean Energy Partnerships in the MENA Region
5.17.10 Clean Energy Development in China Offers New Export Opportunities for U.S. Technology Companies

April 2010
4.30.10 Cargo Airport Study in Ceará Brazil Opens New Opportunities for Collaboration
4.28.10 USTDA Supports Algeria's Efforts to Enhance Agriculture Productivity, Deter Environmental Degradation and Promote Economic Growth
4.20.10 Clean Energy Forum Supports Growth in ASEAN Countries
4.16.10 USTDA Advancing Clean Energy Development and Aviation Sales in China
4.9.10 USTDA Director Leocadia I. Zak Takes Oath of Office

March 2010
3.29.10 USTDA's Global Customs Initiative Improves Customs Coordination in the East African Community
3.29.10 Geothermal Projects Expand Clean Energy and Address Low-Carbon Growth in Indonesia
3.24.10 USTDA Awards Grant to Help Establish Cold Storage Facilities in Pakistan
3.24.10 USTDA Director Leocadia I. Zak Presses U.S. Exporters to Increase Activity in Emerging Economies
3.22.10 Modernizing ICT Infrastructure Will Improve Efficiency at the Bank of Tanzania
3.18.10 USTDA Supports Aviation Safety in the Caribbean
3.15.10 USTDA Names New Chief of Staff and Director for Congressional Affairs and Public Relations
3.15.10 Ms. Leocadia I. Zak Confirmed as Director of U.S. Trade and Development Agency by United States Senate
3.15.10 USTDA Assists Palestinians in Advancing Infrastructure Development Goals
3.11.10 President Obama Names the U.S. Trade and Development Agency to Export Promotion Cabinet
3.10.10 USTDA Hosts Energy Efficient Building Solutions Workshop

February 2010
2.24.10 USTDA Celebrates Black History Month
2.24.10 USTDA Encourages Sustainable Oil and Gas Development in Georgia
2.4.10 USTDA Supports Growth and Development in the Middle East and North Africa Power Sector
2.4.10 USTDA Delivers on Administration's Promise to Support ASEAN's Clean Energy Needs
2.1.10 USTDA Grant Promotes Clean Energy in Nigeria
2.1.10 USTDA Brings Senior Latin American and Caribbean Officials to Examine Clean Energy Technologies in the United States

January 2010
1.21.10 USTDA Funds Projects in the Middle East and North Africa to Support Renewable Energy and Combat Climate Change
1.11.10 USTDA Releases 2009 Annual Report