Press Releases 2011
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December 2011
12.22.11 USTDA Grant Supports Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Infrastructure in Brazil
12.5.11 Two New Projects Will Support Turkey's Clean Energy Goals
12.2.11 USTDA Supports Expansions Plans for Colombia's Largest Airport

November 2011
11.30.11 USTDA Supports Gas Transmission and Distribution Pipeline Development in Nigeria
11.23.11 USTDA Supports Launch of New Wastewater Treatment System for Cartagena
11.18.11 USTDA and U.S. Industry Cooperate to Support Connectivity and Trade in ASEAN Region
11.17.11 U.S.-India Aviation Summit Opens in New Delhi
11.10.11 Roundtable Discussion Kicks Off U.S.-South Africa Visit

October 2011
10.27.11 U.S. Grant Supports Air Traffic Efficiency in South Africa
10.25.11 USTDA Director Zak Kicks off U.S.-South Africa Smart Grid Workshop
10.24.11 Upcoming Reverse Trade Missions Represent Low-Cost Option for Companies Looking to Open New Export Markets

September 2011
9.27.11 U.S.-China Aviation Summit Opens in Washington, D.C.
9.23.11 USTDA Supports Kenya's Efforts to Secure its Growing Telecommunications Infrastructure
9.23.11 USTDA Supports Nairobi's Efforts to Modernize its Wastewater Infrastructure
9.23.11 U.S. Technologies Will Improve Romanian Emergency Response Systems
9.16.11 USTDA Supports Development of Turkey's Growing Energy Sector
9.15.11 Deputy Director Philbin Announces Launch of Egypt: Forward Website
9.15.11 U.S. Grant Supports Safety and Transportation Infrastructure in Indonesia
9.14.11 USTDA Announces Support for Airport Expansion in Vietnam at APEC Ministerial Meeting

August 2011
8.31.11 USTDA Supports Solar Power in El Salvador
8.22.11 U.S. Grant Supports Aviation Sector Development in Mongolia
8.12.11 USTDA Supports Technology to Making Banking More Accessible in Ghana

July 2011
7.29.11 Indonesian Delegation Invites U.S. Companies to Participate in New Geothermal Power Development During USTDA Sponsored Trade Mission
7.21.11 USTDA Awards First Grant to Iraq to Support Refinery Rehabilitation
7.19.11 USTDA Director Concludes Participation in U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue
7.7.11 USTDA Supports Energy Sector Development in Egypt
7.7.11 USTDA Supports E-Government Efforts in Brazil
7.7.11 USTDA Supports Ghana's Efforts to Expand Airport Capacity at Kotaka International Airport
7.1.11 USTDA Provides Over $2 Million to Support Clean Energy Projects in Latin America

June 2011
6.28.11 Egypt: Forward Forum Concludes on High-Note with New Commercial Partnerships
6.17.11 Egypt: Forward - A Letter to the Editor by USTDA's Director Zak - New York Times
6.15.11 Egypt: Forward Forum Attracts Senior Participation from Egypt
6.14.11 USTDA Continues Support for Ghana's Efforts to Expand Energy Production
6.10.11 USTDA Supports Morocco's Efforts to Deploy Solar Energy
6.10.11 USTDA Supports Locomotive Rehabilitation in Angola
6.9.11 USTDA Announces New Business Partnership Activities for Africa at AGOA Forum

May 2011
5.26.11 Director Zak Speaks About USTDA's Unique Role Supporting Development in Emerging Economies at CSIS
5.5.11 USTDA Helps India Prepare for the Demands of a Fast Growing Aviation System

April 2011
4.26.11 USTDA Reverse Trade Mission Aims to Ensure Food Security and Safety in India
4.18.11 USTDA Reaffirms Commitment to Bilateral Cooperation in the Development of China's Aviation Sector
4.14.11 USTDA Director Announces U.S.-Egypt Business Forum
4.8.11 USTDA Grant Promotes Commercial Development of Renewable Energy in the Philippines
4.4.11 USTDA Announces Series of Four Webinars During Month of April

March 2011
3.31.11 USTDA Supports Renewable Energy Development in Coastal Fishing Villages in Morocco
3.31.11 USTDA Supports India's Efforts to Expand Integrated Emergency Communications System
3.29.11 USTDA Supports Cloud Computing in Vietnam
3.25.11 USTDA Supports New Power Transmission Line in Eastern Ghana
3.22.11 USTDA Supports Closer Economic Cooperation with Chile
3.21.11 USTDA Supports Clean Energy Development in Brazil
3.1.11 USTDA Supports Smart Grid Development in China

February 2011
2.8.11 USTDA Joins Secretary Locke on High-Tech Trade Mission to India

January 2011
1.25.11 USTDA Supports Clean Energy Development in Morocco
1.19.11 Joint Statement - China-US Healthcare Cooperation
1.19.11 United States and China Launch Public Private Partnership on Healthcare
1.5.11 U.S. Trade and Development Agency Releases Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report