Press Releases 2014
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December 2014
12.22.14 USTDA Helps Improve Efficiency at New Water Treatment Plant in Brazil
12.19.14 USTDA Helps Develop Clean Energy in the Dominican Republic
12.18.14 USTDA Supports Traffic Control Improvements in Mexico
12.12.14 USTDA Partners with Electricity Distribution Companies in Nigeria
12.12.14 USTDA Awards Grants for Two Power Africa Projects

November 2014
11.12.14 USTDA Supports APEC's Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Efforts

October 2014
10.31.14 USTDA Unveils Mexico Infrastructure Project Resource Guide During CG/LA Infrastructure Forum
10.28.14 USTDA Achieves Record Results in FY 2014
10.27.14 USTDA Ranked Top Small/Independent Agency in the U.S. Government
10.27.14 USTDA & USDOE Welcome Energy Officials from Latin America and the Caribbean
10.23.14 U.S.-Turkey Geothermal Workshop Concludes in Ankara
10.20.14 USTDA Helps Implement Smart Grids in Turkey

September 2014
9.29.14 USTDA Promotes Rail Information Technology in Kazakhstan
9.24.14 USTDA Supports Clean Energy in Indonesia
9.23.14 USTDA Promotes Agribusiness in Egypt
9.18.14 USTDA Helps Modernize Transit Systems and Power Grids in Vietnam
9.16.14 USTDA Advances Aviation and Energy Infrastructure in the Philippines
9.15.14 USTDA Promotes Green Locomotive Technologies in Mexico
9.2.14 USTDA Supports Geothermal Power Plant in Colombia

August 2014
8.25.14 Vietnam Aviation Officials Observe U.S. Equipment During Visit
8.20.14 USTDA Promotes Improved Data Hosting in Colombia
8.8.14 USTDA's Work Highlighted during U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit
8.4.14 USTDA Establishes Partnership with Vietnam on Value-Based Procurement
8.1.14 African Transportation Ministers Depart Chicago for U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit
8.1.14 African Energy Ministers Depart Houston for U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

July 2014
7.31.14 USTDA Energy and Aviation Projects Highlighted During U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue
7.31.14 Leaders from Five of Africa's Largest Economies Arrive in Chicago
7.31.14 African Leaders Arrive in Houston to Discuss Energy Plans
7.16.14 USTDA Announces Ministerial Delegation Attending African Leaders' Visit to Chicago
7.10.14 USTDA Announces Ministerial Delegation Attending African Leaders' Visit to Houston
7.8.14 USTDA Supports China's Efforts to Combat Global Climate Change

June 2014
6.30.14 USTDA Promotes Gas-Fired and Renewable Power in Kazakhstan
6.23.14 USTDA Strengthens Partnership with Botswana on Value-Based Procurement
6.19.14 USTDA to Host African Leaders' Visits to the United States in July
6.18.14 USTDA Director Leads U.S. Government Delegation at Africa Energy Forum
6.12.14 USTDA Accelerates the Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources in India
6.6.14 USTDA Expands Commitment to Renewable Energy Development in South Africa
6.5.14 USTDA to Highlight Renewable Energy Activities in June
6.4.14 USTDA Director Announces New Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa
6.3.14 USTDA Promotes Cyber Security Solutions in Romania

May 2014
5.29.14 ConnectMEX: U.S.-Mexico Transport and Telecom Conference Opens in Mexico City
5.22.14 USTDA Director Announces New Cooperation Activities in Nigeria
5.19.14 USTDA Director Joins Energy Business Development Mission to West Africa
5.1.14 USTDA Celebrates Making Global Local Partnerships During World Trade Month

April 2014
4.23.14 USTDA Partners with Pennsylvania's Office of International Business Development to Promote Exports to Emerging Markets
4.8.14 USTDA Supports Development of Solar Power Plant in Tanzania
4.1.14 USTDA to Highlight Trade & Development Opportunities in Latin American & the Caribbean in April
4.1.14 USTDA Supports Clean Drinking Water Project in Mexico

March 2014
3.26.14 USTDA Launches Tenth Phase of U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program
3.20.14 USTDA Supports New Petrochemical Production in Nigeria
3.20.14 USTDA Supports Renewable Energy Development in Turkey
3.12.14 USTDA Concludes High-Level Engagement at U.S.-India Energy Dialogue and India Aviation 2014
3.12.14 USTDA Promotes Aviation Safety in Azerbaijan
3.7.14 USTDA Supports Solar Power Development in South Africa
3.5.14 USTDA Partners with the Republic of Botswana to Pursue Excellence in Public Procurement
3.5.14 USTDA to Highlight Global Aviation Innovation in March

February 2014
2.27.14 USTDA Launches Asia-Pacific Clean Energy Program
2.26.14 USTDA Welcomes First Commercial Public-Private Delegation from Myanmar to the United States
2.20.14 Trade Talk: Smart Grid to Highlight U.S. Export Opportunities in International Electricity Transmission & Distribution Projects
2.12.14 USTDA Supports Grid Optimization Technologies in Colombia
2.4.14 Director Zak Visits CSIS for Armchair Conversation
2.3.14 USTDA to Highlight Global Smart Grid Opportunities in February

January 2014
1.22.14 USTDA Promotes Smart Grid Implementation in Manila
1.9.14 USTDA Releases FY 2013 Annual Report