Program & Activities

Project Definition and Investment Analysis

Reverse Trade Missions: Orientation visits bring foreign project sponsors to the United States to observe the design, manufacture, demonstration and operation of U.S. products and services that can potentially help them achieve their development goals. USTDA uses pre-qualified contractors to assist in the preparation and management of these customized visits.

Investment Analysis: USTDA provides grants for overseas infrastructure project planning assistance, such as feasibility studies. These studies evaluate the technical, financial, environmental, legal, and other critical aspects of infrastructure development projects that are of interest to potential lenders and investors. Host country project sponsors select the U.S. companies, normally through open competitions, which perform USTDA-funded investment analyses.

Workshops and Conferences: USTDA organizes workshops, conferences and technical symposia worldwide. These events are sector or project-oriented and are aimed at connecting overseas project sponsors with U.S. firms and entities that supply project finance, technology and industry expertise that may be useful in project implementation. USTDA contracts with pre-qualified professional conference specialists to organize these activities.

Procurement Assistance: To promote project transparency and integrity, USTDA provides grants to assist in the establishment and oversight of international project procurement activities. Support can take the form of developing appropriate bidding procedures, assisting in the evaluation of technical proposals, and identifying potential suppliers or bidders