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The U.S. Trade and Development Agency connects America’s private sector to infrastructure projects in developing and middle-income countries. USTDA accomplishes its mission by funding feasibility studies, technical assistance and pilot projects that integrate the expertise and innovation of American companies. The Agency also connects overseas buyers with U.S. sellers through its reverse trade missions, industry conferences and workshops. Unique among federal agencies, USTDA is mandated to promote the participation of U.S. industry in infrastructure projects at the critical early stages when design choices and technology options are being defined.


USTDA strategically facilitates export opportunities for U.S. companies and supports sustainable development in dynamic markets all around the world. In fiscal year 2019 alone, USTDA identified $6.7 billion in U.S. exports to emerging economies, resulting from programming that facilitated early-stage infrastructure development. During the most recent 10-year evaluation period, USTDA identified more than $111 in exports for every $1 it invested in its programming, a record return for the Agency, the American people and U.S. jobs. Since 1992, USTDA's programs have contributed to more than $73 billion in U.S. exports.


Feasibility Studies and Technical Assistance

USTDA funds the comprehensive analyses that infrastructure projects need to move from concept to financing and implementation.

Pilot Projects

USTDA tests U.S. equipment and technology in overseas settings to promote cutting-edge U.S. solutions and identify new development opportunities for scalability and replicability throughout emerging markets.

Reverse Trade Missions

USTDA brings foreign project sponsors to the United States to observe the design, manufacture and operation of American products and services that best support their infrastructure improvement goals. These engagements also introduce overseas decision-makers to U.S. business leaders and develop essential relationships promoting trade and development.

Conferences and Workshops

USTDA organizes sector and region-specific events to connect U.S. firms with foreign buyers, highlight upcoming infrastructure projects overseas and showcase U.S. goods and services. 

Training Grants

Under limited circumstances USTDA can provide support to U.S. firms competing for international infrastructure tenders via a “training grant”, if it is found that the U.S. firm(s) face an unlevel playing field and competitive disadvantage as a result of their non-U.S. competitors offering additional incentives to the project sponsor (beyond the tender requirements) made possible by governmental support. U.S. companies may request that USTDA help level the playing field by offering a grant (conditioned on the selection of the U.S. bidder) to the project sponsor to fund the cost of beneficial training.  In no case may the grant exceed 3% of the total contract value or 1 million SDR, whichever is less.



USTDA creates partnerships between U.S. companies and overseas project sponsors that support U.S. jobs while increasing access to sustainable transportation and mobility in the world’s leading emerging markets. By fostering diverse projects in flight safety, airspace and airport capacity, freight rail modernization, transportation security, port logistics and intelligent urban transportation, USTDA helps partner countries develop the efficient infrastructure critical to generating global economic growth. USTDA uses the full range of its tools to pursue opportunities in the diverse transportation domains that create opportunities for U.S. suppliers of transport technologies, systems and services.


Emerging markets provide significant growth opportunities for U.S. technology providers who can help connect more of the world’s population to the Internet. USTDA plays an important role in connecting U.S. companies to these opportunities by focusing on telecommunications projects that promote U.S. solutions for priority connectivity, cybersecurity, data analytics and smart city infrastructure.  


Energy is USTDA’s largest sector of investment, comprising three subsectors: traditional energy and power generation; electricity transmission and distribution; and renewable energy generation. The Agency’s energy sector activities create partnerships between U.S. companies and foreign project sponsors that support U.S. jobs and increase the world’s supply of clean energy and access to cleaner and more efficient fossil fuels. Fostering diverse projects in smart grid development, gas-fired power, refinery modernizations, coal-fired power, solar and energy storage, USTDA helps countries optimize their use of existing energy resources and make their energy markets more efficient and competitive. Using the creative approaches available to the Agency, USTDA creates unique opportunities for U.S. suppliers of cutting-edge equipment, technologies and services.

USTDA is a foreign assistance agency pursuant to section 661 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended (22 USC 2421).