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  • Malawi: Golomoti Solar Power Project Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2018-11028A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Michael Long
    Power Engineers Incorporated
    Senior Project Manager
    Approval Date: 10/19/2018
  • Sierra Leone: Betmai Hydroelectric Project Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2018-11031A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Stuart Flett
    Knight Piesold and Col.
    +1 (303) 629-8788
    Energy and Water Resource Manager
    Approval Date: 10/12/2018
  • Mozambique: Namaacha Wind Power Plant Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2018-11003A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Gareth Evans
    Worley Parsons Group, Inc.
    +1 (916) 817-3993
    VP Power and New Energy
    Approval Date: 10/01/2018
  • South Africa: 450 MW of Gas-Fired Generation at Kelvin Power Station Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2018-11017A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Andrew Patz
    EHS Support LLC
    Approval Date: 09/26/2018
  • Zambia: Mpika Wind Power Project Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2018-11010A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    General Counsel
    DNV GL Energy USA, Inc, f/k/a DNV KEMA Renewables, Inc.
    Approval Date: 09/20/2018
  • Ivory Coast: Cote d'Ivoire Cocoa Biomass Project Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2018-11022A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Matthew Markee
    Recast Energy LLC
    Approval Date: 09/14/2018
  • South Africa: Cape Town Gas Distribution Network and Usage Options Feasibility Study
    Activity Number: 2018-11005A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    John Teter
    Featherwood Capital LLC
    Approval Date: 08/01/2018
  • Zambia: Standard Microgrid Initiatives Limited Deployment of 150 Microgrid Units Feasibility
    Activity Number: 2017-11014A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Clifford J. Aron
    C.J. Aron Associates, Inc. (dba GreenMax)
    Approval Date: 08/01/2018
  • Zambia: Feasibility Study: Access Zambia 130-140 MW Wind Power Project
    Activity Number: 2017-11023A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Christiana Campbell
    Mott MacDonald, Inc.
    + 1 202 754 8091
    Contracts Director
    Approval Date: 02/28/2018
  • Kenya: Feasibility Study: Virunga Hydropower Project
    Activity Number: 2017-11016A
    Activity Type: Feasibility Study
    Kim A. Hansen
    Kleinschmidt Associates
    Project Manager
    Approval Date: 02/26/2018