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Background: The Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) invites prospective bidders to submit applications to pre-qualify for participation in the sale of a majority stake in INDENI Petroleum Refinery Company Limited (INDENI) as a Strategic Equity Partner.

Participation in the sale of a majority stake of Indeni will be implemented in two stages, namely:

  1. Pre-Qualification stage to assess the applicants’ suitability in terms of financial capacity, technical capacity and proven experience in the management of an oil refinery business; and
  1. Request for Proposal stage, during which the Pre-Qualified applicants will be requested to propose the turn-around strategies for Indeni Refinery to ensure its future vialibility by addressing, inter alia, investment to procure feedstock, investment to increase production capacity, lowering the pump price, increasing profitability, staff productivity, and innovative ways to collaborate with TAZAMA Pipeline to ensure congruence in synergies and investment to increase the capacity of the pipeline to match with the proposed increased processing capacity of Indeni.

Link for more information: http://www.idc.co.zm/tender/invitation-pre-qualify-investment-opportunity-indeni-petroleum-refinery-company-limited

Proposal Deadline: The Pre-Qualification Application Form and supporting documents must be submitted in hard copy and deposited in the Tender Box situated at the address below no later than 3:00 pm Central African Time  (CAT) on Friday, March 9, 2018. The Bids should be submitted in hard copy and accompanied by a soft copy on CD or flash drive. All submissions must be in the English language. No electronic submissions will be accepted.

Proposals received after the deadline WILL NOT be considered.

Point of Contact:

For further information or to obtain an NDA, please send your enquiries to the email below: indeni@idc.co.zm

The Pre-Qualification Application Form and supporting documents shall be submitted to the address below:

The Director General

Zambia Development Agency

Privatisation House, Nasser Road

Lusaka, Zambia

Email: indeni@idc.co.zm

IDC Website: www.idc.co.zm

IDC Tel: +260 211843567/8 and +260967773007

ZDA Tel: +260 211220177 and +260 211222858