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USTDA Export Multiplier 85:1 – $85 For Every Dollar Programmed
USTDA Export Multiplier 85:1 – $85 For Every Dollar Programmed

U.S. Trade and Development Agency Achieves Record Return on Investment in Fiscal Year 2016

Generates $85 in Exports for Every Dollar Programmed

Arlington, VA -- The U.S. Trade and Development Agency achieves its highest return on investment since its creation in 1992, generating $85 in exports of U.S.-manufactured goods and services for every $1 it invests in development projects in emerging economies. This historic return is over double the Agency’s return from eight years ago, when the export multiplier was $35 for every dollar programmed.  USTDA continued its success by supporting sustainable infrastructure development projects in its partner countries, while advancing President Obama's priorities of supporting U.S. jobs and opening markets for increased exports of U.S.-manufactured goods and services.

As the U.S. government’s project preparation agency, USTDA supported a diverse portfolio of projects, from energy development in Africa to aviation growth in Asia.  Many of these projects are made possible by an active small business community that has utilized USTDA’s programs to find new customers abroad.  This fiscal year, USTDA was proud to host a Climate Information and Early Warning Systems Training Program that introduced delegates from 12 African countries to early-warning systems for high-impact weather events. As a result of the program, Earth Networks, a small firm in Germantown, MD, is providing several African countries with goods and services, including early warning systems for severe weather, nowcasting and monitoring that will help them better respond to severe weather impacts in order to protect lives and property. This project, and other similar USTDA-sponsored activities, are essential in meeting the high-priority development needs of its overseas partners while facilitating increased export revenue for U.S. companies.  Success stories like this played a critical role in helping USTDA identify over $3 billion in total U.S. exports last year that supported over 18,000 U.S. jobs. 

“I am proud of the work we have done at USTDA under this Administration,” said Director Leocadia I. Zak. “The Agency consistently exceeds expectations, while creating prosperity for communities and businesses at home and abroad.” 

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