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USTDA's program creates a win-win scenario by promoting U.S. exports to advance economic growth in developing and middle-income countries. Its' program has been a catalyst for opening new markets for U.S. companies, large and small, looking to expand sales overseas.

International Business Partnership Program: Connecting U.S. Firms with Foreign Buyers

In support of the National Export Initiative, USTDA launched the International Business Partnership Program (IBPP) to connect foreign project sponsors with U.S. manufacturers and service providers in order to open new export markets and identify commercial opportunities for U.S. companies through:

  • Reverse Trade Missions
  • Conferences and Workshops
Reverse Trade Missions

As part of the IBPP, USTDA increased its investment in reverse trade missions, which bring foreign decision-makers to the United States to observe the design, manufacture and operation of U.S. products and services that can help them achieve their development goals. These strategically planned visits present excellent opportunities for U.S. businesses to establish or enhance relationships with prospective overseas customers.

Visit our Events page for a current list of Reverse Trade Missions.

Conferences and Workshops

USTDA organizes worldwide conferences and workshops to connect U.S. firms with foreign project sponsors. These sector- or project-specific events are designed to showcase U.S. goods and services to foreign decision-makers. U.S. firms have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with overseas project sponsors. These events also provide U.S. companies with an understanding of U.S. government programs and the role they can play in supporting increased exports, from advocacy support to financing options.

Visit our Events page for a current list of Conferences and Workshops.


Project Preparation: Getting it right from the Start

USTDA provides grants directly to overseas sponsors who, in turn, select U.S. companies to perform Agency-funded project preparation activities. An overseas sponsor is a local entity, public or private, with the decision-making authority and ability to implement a project. Key project preparation activities include:

  • Feasibility Studies and Pilot Projects
  • Technical assistance
  • Training Programs
Feasibility Studies and Pilot Projects

USTDA-funded and U.S.-led feasibility studies link foreign project sponsors with U.S. businesses at the critical early stage when technology options and project requirements are being defined. These studies provide the comprehensive analysis required for major infrastructure investments to achieve financing and implementation.

In some cases, export opportunities depend on a demonstration of the U.S. seller’s goods, services or technologies in the foreign buyer’s setting. USTDA-funded pilot projects demonstrate the effectiveness of commercially proven U.S. solutions and provide the analysis, evaluation and empirical data needed for potential foreign projects to secure funding.

Technical Assistance

USTDA advances economic development in partner countries by providing technical assistance that supports legal and regulatory reform related to commercial activities and infrastructure development, the establishment of industry standards, and other market-opening activities. These technical assistance programs facilitate favorable business and trade environments for U.S. goods and services.

Training Programs

USTDA provides training for foreign decision-makers to support the sale of U.S. equipment and services. Training, which can take place in either the United States or host country, typically focuses on technology or regulatory requirements in order to give project sponsors a better understanding of U.S. capabilities and expertise related to a procurement.