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Evaluation at a Glance

USTDA employs a robust evaluation process that identifies credible information about what its program activities have achieved for U.S. companies and host country partners. USTDA's Office of Program Monitoring and Evaluation continuously monitors, tracks, and analyzes the outcomes of the Agency's activities to determine their overall effectiveness, inform evidence-based funding decisions, and ensure oversight and accountability with stakeholders. The evaluations process is both rigorous and dynamic as it is integrated into all individual project, budget, management, and policy decisions. USTDA measures results by documenting the link between specific Agency-funded activities and final project outcomes, including the amount of U.S. exports generated by each project. | Learn More


U.S. exports attributed to USTDA's funding must have a credible and significant linkage to the Agency-funded activity. USTDA defines U.S. exports as the amount of U.S. content associated with goods manufactured in the United States or services provided by U.S. companies. | Learn More


Because of the varying and long-term nature of USTDA's activities, the Agency employs independent evaluators to collect and verify data on program performance. These outside evaluation teams annually review hundreds of individual activities to assess the outcomes of USTDA's projects funding commitments. | Learn More


The USTDA Program Monitoring and Evaluation Team, led by Diana Harbison, is responsible for managing the evaluation of USTDA's funding commitments. Please click below for detailed biographies of the staff. | Learn More