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The GPI actively seeks partnerships with countries interested in promoting procurement mechanisms that integrate best-value determinations, encourage open, fair and transparent international competition, and promote the long-term professionalization of their procurement workforce.

USTDA is committed to supporting value-based procurement systems in its partner countries and to fostering fair and open competition to level the playing field for international competition. Since its inception, the GPI has partnered with the following countries to strengthen their use of value-based procurement practices:



USTDA and the George Washington University Law School’s Government Procurement Law Program (GW) provided three days of procurement training to approximately 40 officials from the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board and nine procuring entities.

More than a dozen Government of Botswana officials traveled to Washington, D.C. and Austin, Texas for intensive follow-on training and site visits to observe examples of best-value procurement.

To help ensure GPI best practices are incorporated into future tenders, USTDA has provided two procurement advisors to support the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources.




USTDA provided three days of procurement training to approximately 50 Ethiopian officials who engage in public procurement. USTDA’s GPI partner, GW, led the training workshop.

USTDA held an intensive 11-day study tour in the United States for 14 Ethiopian government officials. The delegation received advanced training in procurement from experts at GW and specialists from Green Powered Technology. They also met with U.S. procurement officials at the federal, state, and local levels.

The Agency is providing a grant to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), Ethiopia's national power company. The grant will fund a procurement advisor who will be based at EEP for a period of 18 months and will assist EEP in structuring upcoming tenders to include value-based criteria, such as non-price factors and life-cycle cost analysis.




USTDA trained 170 procurement officials at three workshops throughout Vietnam. The workshops were co-led by GW, external U.S. technical specialists, and Vietnam’s Public Procurement Agency.

USTDA hosted 14 senior Vietnamese government officials in Washington, D.C., New York and California to showcase federal, state, and local examples of value-based procurement. The Agency is also supporting a feasibility study to develop a contractor performance database that will feed into Vietnam’s e-government procurement project. This database will track the performance of contractors providing goods and services to the Government of Vietnam, ultimately improving transparency, accuracy, and efficiency of the procurement process.




USTDA and GW provided training to over 50 Romanian officials on incorporating life-cycle cost analysis and best value in public procurement. The workshop aided Romania in its transposition of the EU Procurement Directives.




Over 60 Philippine officials were trained in value-based procurement at a workshop in Manila. The workshop was led by USTDA, GW, and technical specialists in life-cycle cost analysis.

A delegation of high-level Philippine government officials received advanced life-cycle cost analysis training and visited Boston, New York, and California where they learned more about best value.




USTDA provided a three-day, in-country GPI workshop for around 60 Colombian procurement officials. USTDA’s GPI partner, the George Washington University Law School’s Government Procurement Law Program (GW), led the training sessions, along with GPI technical procurement specialists.

USTDA will hold an intensive 12-day procurement study tour to the United States for around 15 Colombian procurement officials. This study tour will provide the officials with follow-on training from GW, as well as enable them to view case studies in best value procurement at the U.S. state and local level.




USTDA facilitated a three-day training workshop for over 60 Panamanian government officials, alongside procurement experts from GW, and energy and transportation specialists.

A delegation of 15 senior Panamanian government officials visited the U.S. to receive training in life-cycle cost analysis, best value determinations and risk management. The visit is supporting Panama’s efforts to improve public procurement outcomes, promote best value, and professionalize the procurement workforce.


India (State of Maharashtra)

  USTDA hosted a delegation of high-level government officials from the State of Maharashtra who visited Washington, D.C., Boston, Albany, and New York. The delegates received advanced life-cycle cost analysis training and gained insights on best value procurement.