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MGL Partner Resources

Here are a list of resources, documents and images that may be helpful for your organization as you continue to work with USTDA on future events and activities.

Partner Organizations can complete this business case form in order propose potential site visits at U.S. Companies or organizations in the local area. This form can also be used to provide USTDA with leads to city/state industry clusters with export potential.

Making Global Local Partner Organizations can now share their affiliation with USTDA by adding this Partner Badge to their website or marketing material.

This Making Global Local logo can be downloaded and shared via numerous digital and print marketing channels.

Only those working with USTDA while hosting an event or featuring the Agency are authorized to use the agency's logo on approved materials. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions or would like to obtain further guidance. 

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Interested in becoming a Making Global Local Partner Organization?

By building strategic partnerships, USTDA and local business organizations can support the creation of high-paying jobs through the growth of U.S. exports.

If you are committed to this goal and have local market knowledge, we want to partner with you! By understanding the Agency's programs, partner organizations can help companies in their communities maximize the benefits of working with USTDA.

Examples of partner organizations include:

  • State, county, and city governmental entities
  • Local non-profit economic development organizations
  • Small Business Development Centers
  • World Trade Centers
  • Academic institutions

Benefits of Becoming a Making Global Local partner organization include:

  • Recognition as a Making Global Local partner organization on USTDA's website
  • Direct delivery of USTDA news & events
  • Access to a network of regional and industry experts to speak at events
  • Opportunity to co-host USTDA roundtables
  • Support for joint marketing and outreach campaigns

Contact us to learn how USTDA's program can expand exports sales in your community by becoming a Making Global Local partner organization. We look forward to working with you!

Allison Getty, Strategic Communications Director

Or call us at (703) 875-4357