Image of a Chinese delegate touring a U.S. energy facility

USTDA's program in China focuses on trade capacity building initiatives, technical assistance, and pilot projects in the transportation, energy, information technology, and healthcare sectors.

The Agency's success in China is due in part to the public-private cooperative programs that USTDA supports in country. These programs provide a forum wherein government agencies and private companies from both the U.S. and China can share technical, policy, and commercial knowledge relevant to a specific field. USTDA has successfully established programs based on this model in the aviation, water quality, standards and conformity assessment, energy, and healthcare sectors.

By adapting to the evolving needs of China's market and closely coordinating with Chinese decision makers, these public-private partnerships have enjoyed long-term success, providing continued trade opportunities and enhancing the development of China's key industries. 

U.S. China Aviation Cooperation Program

The U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) was jointly created by the United States and Chinese Governments and U.S. industry partners in 2003 to promote aviation sector-wide cooperation.  Endorsed by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), ACP works cooperatively with China to design programs to promote technical, policy, and commercial cooperation.

The ACP also assists Chinese aviation experts to develop and operate safe and efficient aviation infrastructure.  USTDA partners with the ACP in several key areas, including executive leadership development training programs, technical assistance aimed at reducing flight delays, promoting general aviation, and improving the environmental footprint of the aviation sector.

Click here for a video overview of the ACP.

U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program

The U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) was established in 2009 to promote the development and commercialization of clean energy and energy efficiency solutions USTDA has supported a number of projects under the ECP focused on developing  clean energy technologies such as smart grid, natural gas, energy efficiency, fuel cells, and distributed energy combined heat and power.  

U.S.-China Healthcare Cooperation Program

In 2011, USTDA,  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Commerce joined with China‚Äôs Ministries of Health (MOH) and Commerce (MOFCOM) to  create a public-private partnership focused on improving healthcare delivery.  The U.S.-China Healthcare Cooperation Program (HCP) is a platform that connects private sector and government resources to promote health system development, cooperation, and trade between the U.S. and China.  USTDA supports HCP by partnering with U.S. universities and hospitals, alongside HCP member companies, to host executive training programs in the United States and workshops in China.

U.S.-China Agriculture & Food Partnership Program

The U.S.-China Agriculture & Food Partnership (AFP) is a public-private partnership that aims to enhance the bilateral U.S.-China agricultural relationship. USTDA supports the AFP by acting as a government advisor and supporting workshops and reverse trade missions in the agribusiness sector.  The AFP serves as a platform to connect businesses with relevant government entities, and it builds upon themes of food safety, food security, and sustainable agriculture.