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    In an effort to increase bilateral and private sector collaboration between the United States and Brazil, aviation officials from both countries launched the U.S.–Brazil Aviation Partnership (AP) in 2012.


    USTDA supports partner countries throughout the region in diversifying and strengthening their portfolio of energy generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.


    USTDA has decades of experience in helping its partner countries modernize their transportation infrastructure in order to facilitate the movement of people and goods, both within and across borders.


For nearly 30 years, USTDA has distinguished itself as one of the leading project preparation facilities operating in Latin America and the Caribbean, supporting more than 700 project activities across 24 of the region’s economies. USTDA focuses its efforts on the economic sectors of strategic importance to U.S. industry and their regional partners, including energy, transportation, telecommunications and water. The Agency is also implementing part of the Administration’s Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership for the Western Hemisphere – a multi-year, global initiative to promote access to an open, reliable and secure Internet. USTDA’s winning strategy across the Americas supports U.S. exports and jobs all across the United States.