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USTDA activities open markets for U.S. companies and address infrastructure deficits in South and Southeast Asia, fast-growing regions critical to the Unites States’ long-term economic and security interests. They help unlock infrastructure investments – which requires well-prepared, bankable projects – in a way that showcases business opportunities for U.S. exporters and advances strategic priorities across these diverse areas.


USTDA manages a strong portfolio in support of the strategic U.S.-India partnership, introducing innovative solutions from U.S. industry to promote sustainable development in India’s key infrastructure sectors. It has invested in over 130 priority projects across India, achieving a “win-win” scenario: Its Indian partners have developed sustainable infrastructure with the help of $3 billion worth of U.S. goods, services and technologies. 

Deploying Smart U.S. Solutions for Indian Cities: USTDA is leveraging its cross-cutting expertise to deliver technical assistance and pilot technologies that can support India’s goals of developing 100 smart cities. The Agency’s master planning efforts have already achieved impressive results: after receiving USTDA-funded assistance, the city of Ajmer was selected as an awardee in the Government of India’s Smart Cities Challenge, while Visakhapatnam launched the next phase of its efforts to become a clean commerce capital. 

Promoting Public-Private Partnership: While all of its activities connect public and private sector partners, the Agency has also established unique cooperation programs to formalize some of these relationships. Together with its U.S. and Indian partners, USTDA launched the U.S.-India Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) to advance mutual interests and help modernize India’s rapidly growing aviation sector. Through the ACP, USTDA supports numerous activities to facilitate cooperation in the areas of aviation safety and security, air traffic management, general aviation and environmental best practices. 


Vietnam represents the Agency’s largest country portfolio in Southeast Asia. Through a comprehensive partnership in multiple sectors, USTDA is focused on deploying intelligent transportation systems, promoting value-based procurement and supporting the development of renewable energy.

USTDA’s support has helped develop significant wind power in Vietnam. Quickly responding to emerging opportunities, the Agency layered several of its program tools to help Vietnam transform the entire sector, including developing appropriate regulations as well as building its first near-offshore wind farm

The Philippines 

USTDA maintains a robust portfolio in the Philippines to help its partners modernize their transportation networks, adopt best-value procurement policies and meet growing demand for electricity. Numerous Agency-funded activities have deployed smart grid solutions that more efficiently manage, monitor and distribute electricity.

For example, working with Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company (CEPALCO), USTDA is sponsoring an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) pilot project. The project will pilot 2,000 smart meters and the supporting communications infrastructure across CEPALCO’s franchise area. CEPALCO’s ultimate goal is to implement smart grid technologies that can optimize its distribution services, increase power reliability and reduce electricity losses.


USTDA’s Indonesia program is designed to help the fast-growing country develop cleaner energy resources, strengthen its disaster response capabilities and secure its aviation and rail systems. The Agency is currently supporting the development of aviation safety systems in the country’s eastern region. The project will help the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) establish an implementation plan to improve flight safety and air navigation in Papua and Maluku.