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USTDA creates partnerships between U.S. companies and overseas project sponsors that support U.S. jobs while increasing access to sustainable transportation and mobility in the world’s leading emerging markets. By fostering diverse projects in areas such as freight rail modernization, transportation security, port logistics and intelligent urban transportation, USTDA helps partner countries develop efficient transportation infrastructure, an ingredient critical to generating global economic growth. USTDA uses the full range of its tools to pursue opportunities in these diverse transportation domains, creating opportunities for U.S. suppliers of transport technologies, systems and services.


USTDA supports priority rail projects overseas that can benefit from U.S. rail technology solutions, including freight rail locomotives, engines, freight and light rail safety equipment, track maintenance equipment, train signaling and control systems and braking and power systems. The Agency works with railroad operators in partner countries that are planning substantial infrastructure investments to improve the capacity, quality, safety and efficiency of their freight and passenger rail systems, thus creating new business and export opportunities for the U.S. rail industry.


USTDA supports port development projects that offer strong U.S. export opportunities for port-related goods and services, such as port management systems, port security equipment, project engineering and construction services, and advanced port technologies, such as vessel traffic management systems, for example.  The Agency also considers U.S. export-generating projects that promote port energy solutions, cybersecurity for port information systems, and inland port development.


USTDA supports the deployment of U.S. intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for highways, mass transit and “smart cities” that are looking to improve the delivery of infrastructure solutions to their citizenry, including control centers, signaling and fare collection solutions, traffic signal control systems, software, IT hardware and consulting services.