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US-ACEF is an innovative, collaborative financing mechanism aligning U.S. government resources in new ways to catalyze significant private sector investment primarily focused on African renewable energy infrastructure. The three main partners under the program are the U.S. Department of State, USTDA, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). Under the $30 million program, USTDA will leverage its project planning expertise to support activities both eligible for and currently in OPIC's pipeline for private-sector transactions as well as that of other financiers. The program will help ensure that otherwise technically and financially sound projects are implemented, rather than falling short because of lack of funding for critical "last mile" activities.

Eligibility Checklist
  • Is the proposed project in an US-ACEF eligible country?


    Please review the list of US-ACEF Eligible Countries.

  • Does the proposed project satisfy US-ACEF additionality criteria?


    US-ACEF funding will be considered additional if it achieves one or more of the following objectives:

    1. Fills funding gap: US-ACEF provides support for essential project development costs that the client or other financial partner does not otherwise have the financial resources to cover.
    2. Project acceleration: US-ACEF support will accelerate the project's development process by helping to meet the project development costs in a manner that improves the probability of financial close.
    3. Attracts private sector participation: US-ACEF funding will enable the project to meet a key milestone that will bring previously uncommitted private investors to the table to help finance the project.
    4. Barrier removal: US-ACEF funds address a barrier that would otherwise prevent USTDA from funding project preparation assistance and/or may prevent OPIC from providing financing and/or insurance to the project.
  • Does the proposed project qualify as a "Clean Energy Investment"?


    Clean energy activities eligible for US-ACEF funding support include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following areas: wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, biomass and other sustainable sources of energy, which will reduce carbon emissions, improve access to electricity for remote populations and support economic growth. "Clean energy investment" is defined as investment, including financing and insurance, that:

    1. promotes the sustainable use of renewable energy technologies or energy efficiency technologies, or that
    2. supports other efforts to reduce, mitigate, and/or sequester emissions of greenhouse gases, with the exception of activities that enable nuclear power, gas, coal and oil production, transmission, distribution, direct use, or the generation of electricity with these fuels.

    US-ACEF will also support projects that promote energy efficiency, including electricity grid loss mitigation activities, energy efficiency building solutions, and other investor-driven activities that mitigate the need for new power generation.

  • Do you satisfy relevant USTDA criteria?



USTDA encourages applicants to contact USTDA at Africa@ustda.gov PRIOR to submitting an application.

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