India Improves Food Security for its Citizens Through Investment in U.S. Cold Chain Technologies

USTDA facilitated the sale of American cold chain technologies from five states through support of India’s efforts to ensure greater food security for its people. As the second-largest food producer in the world, India is prioritizing investment in its cold chain infrastructure, which enables farmers to increase their production while reducing the loss of needless spoilage. In helping India achieve this important goal, USTDA hosted a reverse trade mission that brought Indian delegates to the United States to introduce American cold-chain solutions that could meet India’s needs.

Executed in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, and the U.S. Departments of State and Agriculture, the visit brought 14 private and public sector leaders from India to the United States to observe the design, manufacture and operation of U.S. cold chain technologies. Delegates visited several sites in Georgia that exhibited all phases of a highly efficient cold chain, including post-harvest handling, packing, transportation, storage, processing, wholesaling, and retailing for a wide variety of fresh and processed agricultural products.

The visit gave U.S. companies the opportunity to demonstrate how American innovation and quality solutions would be ideal for the Indian market. As a result, companies in Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New York and Ohio provided technology and equipment including condensing units, refrigeration equipment and air purifiers. With this new technology in place, India is now better equipped than ever to avoid food spoilage and maintain a higher level of quality throughout their food supply chain.

USTDA Acting Director Thomas R. Hardy said, “This Agency success made India’s food supply safer and more secure. That’s why USTDA is absolutely committed to expanding our agribusiness portfolio and helping partners like India meet their food security goals.”

June 10, 2020