Jordan Modernizes Healthcare System Utilizing American Technology

In 2009, Jordan launched its first E-Health initiative “Hakeem”, which sought to automate the public healthcare sector through the utilization of modern IT solutions. What started as a pilot project at three clinics in 2009, grew with USTDA assistance into a nationwide program that now manages over six million registered electronic patient records using American technology to improve patient care.

Faced with the challenge of a nationwide rollout, Jordan turned to USTDA for assistance. The Agency responded by funding a feasibility study that helped guide the process for installing electronic health records systems in 190 facilities, including hospitals, comprehensive clinics and primary care clinics.

USTDA’s investment has helped to enhance the effectiveness and quality of healthcare management systems, created patient-oriented records and reduced the cost of delivering health services across Jordan. The resulting computerization is also geared to streamline physician evaluation of patients and improve health outcomes.

More than 350 health professionals have been trained on the program. As the Hakeem initiative continues to be implemented across Jordan, more patient records will be computerized and additional health professionals will receive training. This has resulted in consulting services and new technology provided by 23 U.S. companies in 11 states: California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

USTDA Acting Director Thomas Hardy concludes that “USTDA’s work in Jordan is filling a critical need in connecting medical professionals and patients to modernized health care solutions. As more countries look to invest in their healthcare sector, USTDA will continue connecting U.S. industry and their high-quality technology solutions that can replicate this success.”

June 9, 2020