Success in Thailand: USTDA Advances American Biomass Technology

Southeast Asia’s rapid economic growth and industrialization have increased the demand for energy, which is why USTDA is promoting American biomass technologies to help the region meet renewable energy goals.

With abundant resources including waste products generated by a growing population, biomass offers a creatively sustainable solution. To capitalize on this potential, Southeast Asia’s economies set a goal of adding 9,000 MW of biomass power by 2025, and regional leaders looked to USTDA to identify American technological solutions and develop ideal partnerships.

USTDA responded with a 2013 reverse trade mission that brought 12 biomass industry leaders from Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand to the United States to observe the design, manufacture and operation of U.S. waste-to-energy technologies.

The delegates met with U.S. companies and witnessed technology demonstrations in Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Oregon-based SSI Shredding Systems – a company producing industrial shredders that convert waste materials into usable fuels – participated in the visit, built upon existing relationships and advanced new sales to Thailand that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing a cleaner source of power.

“USTDA’s partnerships in the Indo-Pacific have a proven track record of bringing cleaner and more efficient energy supply to the region,” said USTDA Acting Director Thomas Hardy. “As the region invests in renewable energy technology and biomass, we will continue to advance the U.S. industries ready to provide quality solutions.”

August 3, 2020