Success in Turkey: Towards a National Gas Transit and Trading Hub

In 2017, the Turkish government desired to model the nation’s gas importation and distribution network after the Henry Hub in Erath, Louisiana — the largest centralized delivery point for natural gas and future trading in the United States. To support Turkey’s gas sector development plans, USTDA funded a reverse trade mission to familiarize 14 of Turkey’s private and public-sector industry leaders with the Henry Hub and introduce them to advanced U.S. technologies and services for gas hub operations.

The trip included a detailed series of facility site visits, company presentations and meetings with U.S. government energy regulatory agencies and industry associations in Houston, Texas; Erath, Louisiana; and Washington, D.C.  A highlight of the trip was the participation of Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser connecting the delegates to more than 100 industry VIPs at the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exhibition conference and trade show in Lafayette.

The visit contributed to improvements in Turkey’s gas regulations and policy development, and it demonstrates the true potential of USTDA’s strategic building of relationships. The country’s regulator, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, streamlined the establishment of a wholesale gas trading platform and provided a regulatory path for private companies to procure spot LNG far more easily than in the past. In addition, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources now allows for spot LNG pipeline gas, which will significantly improve trading opportunities and market liquidity. While a hub has yet to be established, new gas pipelines have been constructed and brought online as Turkey imports American LNG.

USTDA’s history of success in the gas sector, including the Turkey gas transit and trading hub visit, as well as several additional activities, led to the launch the U.S. Gas Infrastructure Exports Initiative in November 2017. The Initiative – launched with U.S. industry partners – is designed to connect American companies to new export opportunities across the gas value chain in emerging economies.  To date, USTDA has supported more than 350 projects in more than 70 countries, generating $7 billion in U.S. gas sector exports.

For more information on USTDA’s gas sector expertise and experience, please consult the Agency’s project preparation guide.

March 24, 2020