Success in Vietnam: National Power Transmission Corporation

Vietnam’s growing economy has a crucial need for a significant expansion of its electricity infrastructure, a process that must include new investments in power generation, transmission and distribution capacity. This presented a clear opportunity for USTDA’s targeted tools to make a critical difference and advance this infrastructure transition.

At the request of the National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) of Vietnam, USTDA funded the development of an information technology roadmap for grid modernization, as well as enhanced compatibility with neighboring countries. NPT also sought USTDA’s advice and evaluation relating to the procurement of high-quality equipment to upgrade its transmission systems and avoid the industrial and economic risks associated with low-cost, low-quality power solutions.

NPT followed the recommendations of the USTDA roadmap and accelerated project implementation to best serve its customers. As a result, six American firms supplied advanced smart grid technology solutions to better manage power sector growth and efficiency of Vietnam’s national grid. This comprehensive range of reforms will help Vietnam reduce load losses and outages and fundamentally strengthen reliability to its electricity consumers.

“USTDA has provided us with great assistance through their consultancy and knowledge that connected us with U.S. companies supplying infrastructure, transmission, IT solutions and power equipment,” said Mr. Dang Phan Tuong, NPT’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. “USTDA’s support has allowed us to gain more experience for better operation of our business.”