USTDA Helps Transform 5G Readiness in the Philippines

PLDT is the Philippines’ largest and only integrated telecommunications company and serves more than 70 million customers. Soon after its 2017 announcement to deploy 5G wireless technology, PLDT condensed the field of its potential technology partners to provide the best customer experience to existing and future subscribers.

Among those potential partners was Cisco, which offered superior technology and sought USTDA’s assistance to promote fair competition, level the local playing field and support PLDT’s ambitious 5G rollout efforts. USTDA responded by offering PLDT a training program – attached to the Cisco contract – to boost the capacity of the company’s technical and managerial staff to implement their project.

PLDT subsequently selected Cisco to supply software, routers, switches, optical equipment and other advanced applications. As a result, USTDA’s engagement supported the deployment of American technology to one of the Indo-Pacific region’s highest-profile 5G projects, supporting thousands of U.S. jobs while providing an innovative training platform for PLDT’s workforce, which is committed to provide a robust and advanced 5G‐enabled network that will serve the Filipino people for many years to come.

PLDT chairman and chief executive officer Manuel V. Pangilinan said, “This investment will equip our people with the skills and knowledge needed to transform PLDT as an organization as we march toward the 5G-powered future. The future of this company depends a lot on how we transform, not only our network, but also our people.”

USTDA Chief Operating Office and Head of Agency Todd Abrajano said: “Our support for this training program resulted in stronger ties between the U.S. and Philippine telecommunications sectors, demonstrating USTDA’s capability and commitment to supporting the development of quality information and communications infrastructure and broadband capabilities in the Philippines.”

November 17, 2020