Botswana: 200 MW Concentrated Solar Project

Background:  The Government of Botswana is looking to procure an Independent Power Producer for a Greenfield 200MW Concentrated Solar Power project. The bidders are to design, finance, construct, own, operate, maintain and decommission the project at the end of its economic lifecycle. The project is part of Botswana’s Integrated Resource Plan, which outlines the least cost development plan for electricity for a period of 20 years, from 2020 – 2040. The plan considers various scenarios of energy demand and supply strategies including supply options from domestic and regional sources. This project is an opportunity for a U.S. company to be part of Botswana’s prioritization of renewable energy. With 3,200 hours of sunshine per year and irradiance of 6,640 WH/m2/day, the country has significant solar potential. For more information on this opportunity, please refer to the request for qualification below.

Point of Contact:  Mr. S. Ntsowe


Phone: +267 3656600