USTDA Connects U.S. Businesses to Export Opportunities in China

Beijing, China – Today, Acting Director, Enoh T. Ebong wrapped up a trip to China where she signed four grants that connect U.S. businesses to new export opportunities.

Under the U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP), USTDA signed a grant to evaluate the impacts that severe weather events can have on airspace capacity. In China, flight delays are burdensome for passengers and costly for airlines. USTDA’s grant will work to address the issue of flight delays through weather prediction and airspace modeling technologies developed by I.M. Systems Group (Maryland).

USTDA is also cooperating with State Grid Corporation of China to facilitate training for line workers and to introduce them to U.S. technologies and solutions. The grant will connect Southern Lineman Training Center (Georgia), Terex Corporation (South Dakota), and other U.S. companies to new business opportunities in China.

“We look forward to working closely with SLTC and the Jinan State Grid Technology College to ensure that live line crew members across China have the very best equipment, tools and training available,” said Mark Duval, President, Terex China. “As State Grid live line capability grows over time, the demand for our made-in-America products will continue to grow.”

Acting Director Ebong signed another grant with the China Waterborne Transport Research Institute to more effectively track and monitor the transportation of hazardous materials at ports in China. The project will connect cutting-edge technologies of three U.S. companies to new export opportunities related to transporting hazardous materials.

Through the U.S.-China Healthcare Cooperation Program (HCP), USTDA signed a grant supporting an advanced healthcare monitoring equipment training program.  The grant will provide a training program for Chinese anesthesiologists at Edwards Lifesciences Center in Irvine, CA, where they will learn about innovative U.S. technologies, solutions, and techniques.

“I am pleased to support so many areas of mutually beneficial cooperation with China,” said Acting Director Enoh T. Ebong. “Our partnerships will create market access for U.S. companies in China and lead to an increase in U.S. exports.”