USTDA Connects U.S. Companies to Energy Opportunities in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The U.S. Trade and Development Agency awarded a grant to Pacto Geração Distribruida (Pacto GD) a private energy supplier, to conduct a feasibility study assessing the viability of employing a joint energy storage system and solar photovoltaic energy generation in the Brazilian state of Goiás. 

The grantee selected ESS, Inc. (Wilsonville, OR), a low-cost, long-duration energy storage developer and manufacturer, to carry out the study. The project involves planning, design, installation, commissioning, and overall testing of a solar PV and battery storage pilot project. The project will enable the end client to eliminate the use of diesel generators, ultimately leading to health, safety, and noise reduction benefits for the end client.  The use of stored energy during peak hours will also result in lower energy costs. 

As Brazil seeks to diversify its energy mix with a particular focus on solar power, this project can further enhance the local grid and elevate electricity availability during peak hours.

“USTDA is pleased to partner with Pacto GD on this important project that supports Brazil’s renewable energy goals, while at the same time creating new business opportunities for U.S. company, ESS,” said USTDA Director, Congressional and Public Affairs, Thomas R. Hardy. “We look forward to seeing the positive results that will come from this project.”

“We are very grateful to USTDA, and we are sure that this project will contribute significantly to the technological advancement of Brazil’s energy storage industry,” said the CEO of Grupo Pacto Energia, Rodrigo Pedroso, “and we are also very excited to be working with ESS.”