USTDA Supports Ecuador’s Power Grid Control Center

Quito, Ecuador – Today, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency awarded a technical assistance grant to Ecuador’s National Electricity Operator (CENACE) that will enhance the real-time management of the country’s electricity grid and improve the stability and reliability of its power supply network.

“Ecuador has ambitious plans to expand its transmission network and interconnections with Colombia and Peru. Our assistance to modernize its national grid control center will provide foundational support for this goal and serve the country for years to come,” said USTDA’s Chief Operating Officer and Head of Agency Todd Abrajano. “U.S. companies are known for the kinds of innovative technologies CENACE will need, and we are committed to showcasing the best that American industry has to offer.”

USTDA’s assistance will assess upgrades to CENACE’s national grid control center in order to improve Ecuador’s grid stability and reliability. These upgrades will help the country meet its forecasted long-term growth in power demand and ensure the grid’s ability to incorporate and manage energy storage, utility-scale renewable and distributed generation, microgrids, demand response and electric vehicles.

“USTDA’s technical assistance ensures the protection of critical and sensitive electricity infrastructure in Ecuador in the coming years,” said U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador Michael J. Fitzpatrick. “This commitment between governments and the private sector will ensure that Ecuador receives objective advice on updating its electricity distribution controls to meet the growing demands in an increasingly complex and threatening technological landscape.”

“USTDA has demonstrated a genuine interest in supporting the development of ambitious projects in Ecuador, such as CENACE’s plan to modernize the technology infrastructure of our national grid control center,” said CENACE Executive Director Max Molina.

This project supports the Growth in the Americas initiative.

U.S. businesses interested in submitting proposals for this USTDA-funded technical assistance should visit


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