Digital Infrastructure Desk Study: Sub-Saharan Africa

Proposals are due December 8 at 1 p.m. EST. To submit a proposal, visit the SAM.GOV notice.

Scope of Work

USTDA requires services from a small business contractor under this non-personal services Desk Study contract to support its decision-making relative to the funding of activities to support the digital infrastructure sector.

The Contractor shall provide reports to USTDA, which will:

  • Assess and provide a recommendation on whether or not USTDA should provide funding for proposed feasibility studies, technical assistance, pilot projects, or other project planning activities, hereinafter referred to as “activities;”
  • Provide supporting analysis for the recommendation in Project Reports that analyze all relevant issues; and
  • Assess the potential of the digital infrastructure sector and sub-sectors in Africa for U.S. suppliers of goods and services.

USTDA intends to contract with multiple U.S. companies (“Contractor”) (a) conduct initial reviews of up to fifteen (15) proposals for feasibility studies, technical assistance, or pilot projects in the transportation sector in Sub-Saharan Africa and (b) fully develop funding recommendations, terms of reference, and final budgets for up to ten (10) activities for USTDA consideration. USTDA may contract with up to three (3) U.S. companies to carry out the total requirements of this multiple award contract. Each Contractor shall provide one (1) Final Report in cumulation to USTDA.