Global Agribusiness Opportunities: Desk Study Series

Proposals are due March 8, 2024, at 1 p.m. EDT. To submit a proposal, visit the SAM.GOV notice.

Scope of work

USTDA seeks a small business U.S. contractor to support its decision-making relative to the funding of activities to support the agribusiness sector. The Contractor shall provide reports to USTDA, which will:

  • Assess and provide a recommendation on whether or not USTDA should provide funding for proposed feasibility studies, technical assistance, pilot projects, or other project planning activities, hereinafter referred to as “activities;”
  • Provide supporting analysis for the recommendation in Project Reports that analyze all relevant issues; and
  • Assess the potential of the agribusiness sector and sub-sectors in Africa and the Indo-Pacific for U.S. suppliers of goods and services.

For the full scope of work, view the listing on