Healthcare Sector Definitional Mission: Latin America and the Caribbean

Proposals are due July 17, 2023 at 1 p.m. EDT. To submit a proposal, visit the SAM.GOV notice.

Scope of Work

USTDA requires services under this non-personal services Definitional Mission (“DM”) contract to support its decision-making relative to the funding of activities to support healthcare sector opportunities in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

The Contractor shall review and provide initial project assessments (“Project Assessments”) for up to twenty (20) proposals for feasibility studies, technical assistance, or pilot projects in the Latin America and Caribbean (“LAC”) healthcare sector. Project Assessments are expected to be up to fifteen (15) pages in length. The Contractor shall develop full project reports (“Project Reports”) for up to ten (10) of the Project Assessments for USTDA funding consideration. The Contractor shall deliver one (1) Final Report in cumulation to USTDA. USTDA reserves the right to make the final determination on which activities merit consideration for the Project Reports.

The Contractor shall proactively conduct business development efforts to help identify healthcare project opportunities in the LAC region, including opportunities that support strategic initiatives such as the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment and USTDA’s collaboration with the USA Healthcare Alliance. The Definitional Mission includes optional travel at USTDA’s discretion. Depending on the needs identified by the LAC Regional Team, the Contractor may travel to up to six LAC countries for up to five days each in order to identify near-term projects for USTDA funding consideration, conduct in-depth market research, and meet with relevant key stakeholders and U.S. private sector companies.